Vikings punter Chris Kluwe gave a PG-13 look at what someone on the Vikings thinks about the NFL's crackdown on hits. Let's just say it's not real positive.

Kluwe posted a photo on his Twitter account of a drawing on the whiteboard that showed two sets of stick figures engaged in the types of hits for which the NFL is now threatening to suspend players. The message on one read, "QB or receiver that makes over $10 [million] -- illegal. Punter or anyone else we don't give a [expletive] about -- Legal."

This came on the same day that the NFL sent a video to teams to show which hits are considered legal and which might draw discipline. 

Below the message about the stick figures -- it's not clear who did it -- it says, "Remember! We at the league office are totally concerned about integrity! Seriously! No really, we totally are!"

Kluwe also tweets: "Great quote from the video 'You can't lead with your helmet, forearm, or shoulder.' I guess we have to karate kick people now when tackling."

Kluwe, by the way, tweets under the name ChrisWarcraft.


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