If they make it — will we buy?

Housewares companies are hoping we’re tired of stainless steel and blah neutrals and ready for an infusion of blinding neon colors. Last week the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago looked like someone spilled buckets of vibrant paint over hundreds of new products at the mega-marketplace.


Juicy orange and hot pink colanders. Teal spatulas. Purple toasters. Lagoon blue Kitchen Aid mixers. All at a store near you by summer.

Here’s how the trend-watching company Iconoculture spun the color craze: “As consumers awaken from their recessionary slumber, marketers stimulate their aesthetic appetites with vibrant colors.”  


 Okay —  the recession might be over,  but do we need more products spun off from another craze that won’t die — mini desserts? Electric mini pie bakers and ice cream sandwich makers anyone? I’ll think I’ll save my money — and storage space — and spread a scoop of ice cream between two cookies myself.

But I might spring for one of those new super-sharp ceramic knives that slice a tomato instead of smashing it.  I hope the knife comes with a watermelon-hued handle.

Do you like to try new kitchen gadgets and housewares - or are you content with your metal spatulas and Mr. Coffeemaker?