Good news, Vikings fans! The infatuation SI's Peter King has with the Packers is so strong that he has picked Green Bay -- at least at this point -- to reach the Super Bowl. (Hat tip to Packers fan Stensation, who groaned loudly when he read the pick).

Why is it good news that a respected football man would pick the Packers? Well, despite King's wealth of insights and inside information, followers of his MMQB column will note that he is a traditionally awful prognosticator. Seriously, he should start rolling with the Costanza theory and start picking the opposite of what he thinks will happen. Last year? He liked the Bears from the NFC. Two years ago, it was Dallas. In 2007, he was on New Orleans. None of those teams made the playoffs.

From today's column:

It's early, very early, but I haven't backed off a San Diego-Green Bay Super Bowl. Two teams knocking on the door pretty consistently (Packers averaging 10 wins a year over the past three years, Chargers 11 a year over the past six season), both with terrific young quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers 27, Philip Rivers 28), both with suspect defenses. Kind of sounds like the Saints last year.

Aaron Rodgers' mustache says 12-4, but his eyes say 8-8.


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