King Tut sculpture from top of a jar that held his mummified stomach, on view at Science Museum in St. Paul. Image by Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe

What with ostrich-feather fans, golden sandals and a fully equipped chariot, King Tut was pretty well decked out when he checked in to the next world. But did you know that his tomb was stocked with 20 gloves and underwear for the after life too? 

True fact, according to David Silverman, a University of Pennsylvania Egyptologist and curator of the "Tutankhamun" show now at the Science Museum in St. Paul. And what type of underwear did Tut wear?

"Linen," said Silverman, who also played straight man to Stephen Colbert during the comedian's two-part investigation of the mystery behind Tut's missing penis. "Before we started filming, Colbert warned me that when he's in character he's a complete idiot, so I shouldn't take it personally when he asked me things like 'Was Tut a muslim?" Silverman said.

And did they find the lost penis? "No. An Egyptian archeologist found it in 2005."

The Science Museum show, which runs February 18 - Sept. 5, does not include either underwear or gloves once owned by the pharaoh.  



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