Kevin Garnett will wear No. 2 with the Brooklyn Nets as a tribute to the late Malik Sealy, his teammate with the Timberwolvces who was killed in an auto accident on Hwy. 100 in May 2000.

The Wolves retired Sealy's number and Garnett couldn't have done that with Boston because that number was retired in honor of legendary coach Red Auerbach.

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports wrote: "Sealy was an inspiration to KG, as the young forward sported No. 21 as a member of the Timberwolves in response to Sealy wearing the same number while at St. John’s. So when the Timberwolves traded for Garnett’s idol in 1999, KG was through the roof."

Sealy was hit by a wrong-way driver when he was returning home from a birthday party for Garnett.

You can read Dwyer's post here.

And here's a video from 2010 in which Garnett talks about Sealy.


 And here's a look at the shot that often gets cited when people talk about Sealy's career, with Kevin Harlan making the call.


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