No, that's not one of KG's expletives in the headline. blogger Sekou Smith asked that very question of writers, in light of his latest flashpoint this season: An on-court war of words with Knicks star Carmelo "Anything but Melo" Anthony that earned them both technicals and led to an off-court confrontation. It comes on the heels of his shove of Kris Humphries and his embrace of ex-coach Kevin McHale.

Former Star Tribuner Steve Ashburner gave what might be a spoken-word poem of Garnett:

An all-timer. A throwback. A salty dude. Overly chippy on occasion. A great example for young players in terms of two-way play, competitiveness, loyalty to your team and feistiness toward opponents. Underrated for about a dozen seasons for his abilities as a passer and to defend five positions when necessary. Tightly wound. Vulgar to the max as a trash talker (remarkably creative, though, at times). A guy I want on my team. Future inductee in Springfield. One of the most fascinating athletes I’ve covered.

Other ways that the writers summed up Garnett: "Man-beast," "one of a kind," "potentially dangerous," "a guy you want on your side with everything on the line." How would you describe him? You can read the whole thing here.

And as Anthony was suspended a game, posted cellphone video of the Jawin' in the Garden. You can't make out a lot, but that doesn't stop beeps from covering up supposed expletives:


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