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Katherine Kersten is a columnist for the Sunday Opinion section.
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Katherine Kersten: In Wisconsin, mob rule and intimidation

Katherine Kersten: In Wisconsin, mob rule and intimidation

Rampaging crowds invading the Capitol, overwhelming police, kicking in doors and climbing through windows. Bomb threats, and rounds of ammunition discovered at the Wisconsin State Capitol.
Katherine Kersten: The good life (for unions especially)

Katherine Kersten: The good life (for unions especially)

How labor caught on in government work, and why its time is up.
Katherine Kersten: Who, exactly, aspires to soak the rich?

Katherine Kersten: Who, exactly, aspires to soak the rich?

You won't find that sentiment among those who aspire to achieve.
Katherine Kersten: Liberals were at their worst after tragedy

Katherine Kersten: Liberals were at their worst after tragedy

Reaction to Tucson laid bare the biases that drive left-wing ideology.
Katherine Kersten: No religion, too? A recipe for trouble...

Katherine Kersten: No religion, too? A recipe for trouble...

There is a strong connection between virtue and successful self-government.
Katherine Kersten: What on Earth is happening to marriage?

Katherine Kersten: What on Earth is happening to marriage?

A new report has the bad news for all of us - a growing class marriage gap.

Katherine Kersten: How liberals reinvented 'freedom'

Starting with Wilson, the common good gave way to personal bliss.

Katherine Kersten: Whining DFL needs to look in the mirror

Gripes about campaign cash and attack ads are baffling, considering the source.

Katherine Kersten: A bad idea goes 'round and 'round

Busing students for integration failed elsewhere, but Eden Prairie wants to try.

Katherine Kersten: America has the good sense to reevaluate

Under Obama, the left tried for an end run, but the voters were there to stop it.

Katherine Kersten: Obama has been hiding his real agenda

It sounds far-fetched, but the president is the "Radical-in-Chief."

Katherine Kersten: TiZA vs. the search for truth

The school -- public, mind you -- tries to intimidate all who would challenge it.

Katherine Kersten: This year, the family is on the ballot

Minnesota's choice for governor will determine marriage's fate in this state.

Katherine Kersten: A hidebound reading list for freshmen

Instead of intellectual exploration, colleges promote a predictable ideology.

Katherine Kersten: Radical Islam gets the better of free speech

Did the media stand up in support of a threatened Seattle cartoonist? Not really.

Katherine Kersten: Young Catholics hear call to serve

With ancient truths, religious service provides comfort in a material age.

Katherine Kersten: In free time, do you fritter or fulfill?

If you're going to have a second life, shouldn't it at least be tangible?

Katherine Kersten: Obama & Co. are obstacle to recovery

Businesses could grow if they didn't face such a hostile administration.

Katherine Kersten: Dayton goes negative, from a safe distance

His family money is funding the dirty work of an under-the-radar operation.

Katherine Kersten: Problems with Prop 8 ruling? Where to start

The judge showed contempt -- and may have had a conflict of interest.

Katherine Kersten: Which party is loaded? The DFL

Interesting how these humble people can spend $9 million on one campaign.

Katherine Kersten: Media bias: Where do they sign up?

One place is the Journolist listserv, where liberalism is boldly embraced.

Katherine Kersten: Is our man in Morocco up to the job?

The country is harassing Christians. Will Sam Kaplan stand on their behalf?

Katherine Kersten: Gay-marriage efforts build, ominously

If it becomes the law of the land, expect wide-ranging consequences.

Katherine Kersten: Meet two who know how to be responsible

The governors of Indiana and New Jersey are tackling government bloat.

Katherine Kersten: Our 'pursuit of happiness' is burdened

Big Government is dashing away with the American Dream.

Katherine Kersten: How religion was overrun by journalism

There was an intentional effort to build a new moral authority for America.

Katherine Kersten: Obamacare now begins to reveal itself

Expect some businesses to stop hiring and others to drop health coverage.

Katherine Kersten: That's change, all right -- not the good kind

Obama takes the early Progressives' intrusive vision and runs with it.

Katherine Kersten: We're really all victims of porn boom

Internet pornography should be treated as a public health issue.

Katherine Kersten: Sustainability: The latest indoctrination

This movement would like to take on every left-wing cause under the sun.

Katherine Kersten: Who's not paying their fair share?

Almost half of U.S. households don't pay taxes but use benefits and services.

Katherine Kersten: The media fires up its inquisition

You'd think the evil of sexual abuse was exclusive to the Catholic Church.

Katherine Kersten: Obamacare, part of the elitist plan

It's an outgrowth of the Progressive Movement stretching back a century.

Katherine Kersten: 'Pro bono,' in this case, is proterrorist

What public good do the Gitmo attorneys think they're serving?

Katherine Kersten: Yale: A great school for curious types

Birds do it, bees do it, but no one does it like 'Sex Week.' Lux et veritas, indeed.

Katherine Kersten: Affidavits portray TiZA as threatening

Witnesses describe the charter school's response to criticism.

Katherine Kersten: Bipartisan health care? Yes, we can.

Here are some cost-effective ideas that Democrats should take seriously.

Katherine Kersten: Brown's win speaks for the nation

Americans reject a governing elite that imposes its worldview on them.

Katherine Kersten: That's a funny way to show tolerance

Supporters of gay marriage are quite willing to bully on behalf of their cause.

Katherine Kersten: Battle lines drawn against U initiative

A Philadelphia-based organization leads the fight against thought control.
Katherine Kersten: Bachmann has a target on her back

Katherine Kersten: Bachmann has a target on her back

The left's attack machine is already grinding away with TV ads.

Katherine Kersten: At U, future teachers may be reeducated

They must denounce exclusionary biases and embrace the vision. (Or else.)
Katherine Kersten: Hawaii's guv joins Palin in labor -- for reform, baby

Katherine Kersten: Hawaii's guv joins Palin in labor -- for reform, baby

You know it's not politics-as-usual when you're attending a meeting of the nation's governors and one of them goes into labor. When -- just a few months later -- that new mother is preparing to speak to the Republican National Convention as the party's vice-presidential candidate, you know that politics-as-usual is gone for good.
One story, told 460+ ways

One story, told 460+ ways

Here's a familiar sight this time of year -- the Christ child lies in a manger, gazing up at Mary and Joseph. His loving parents bend over him as sheep and a donkey gather in the stable to worship.

Katherine Kersten: Farewell, readers, to a memorable journey

This is my last metro-state column for the Star Tribune. It's the end of a journey I'll remember always.
This jolly old elf brings Toys 4 Military Kids in a helicopter

This jolly old elf brings Toys 4 Military Kids in a helicopter

Santa hasn't forgotten military families. In recent weeks, more than 1,500 kids of deployed Minnesotans have had Christmas brought to them.

We're losing kids who crave connections

Every day, headlines announce more evidence that many of our young people are morally adrift.
Young author's 'Nickel and Dimed' rebuttal revisits life in the low-wage lane

Young author's 'Nickel and Dimed' rebuttal revisits life in the low-wage lane

I wish I had a nickel for every college student I know who's been assigned to read "Nickel and Dimed," by journalist Barbara Ehrenreich.

Katherine Kersten: 2015: Recount settled at last

The U.S. Supreme Court stunned the nation with a 5-4 decision holding that Al Franken -- until recently the Obama administration's ambassador to the Vatican -- was the official winner of the 2008 Minnesota Senate contest.

Is Minnesota prepared for legal assault on bullying bosses?

Your sales director storms into the room and glowers at the trembling sales reps assembled there. He bellows about plummeting profits, blasts the poorest performers and reaches tsunami-level intensity when demanding greater exertions.

Mad rush to place 35W blame was shameful

It's official. The Interstate 35W bridge fell -- not because of what Tim Pawlenty or Carol Molnau did or didn't do -- but because engineers failed to calculate correctly the thickness of gusset plates more than 40 years ago.
'Sex and the City' culture: For teens, a come-hither message with a built-in danger

'Sex and the City' culture: For teens, a come-hither message with a built-in danger

Your 14-year-old daughter is curled up on the couch, absorbed in a rerun of "Sex and the City." She watches with interest as Samantha Jones,…

Katherine Kersten: Could Senate recount referee's résumé color the result?

Let's assume the 32 disputed ballots in Minneapolis were legitimate. Let's assume the newly discovered 100 votes in Pine County -- all for Al Franken -- were just overlooked by a sleepy official, and the 100 votes found in Mountain Iron -- again, all for Franken -- were valid.

From the ashes of this election, a new conservative insurgency will arise

After the Republicans' shellacking at the polls, many may be tempted to write an obituary for the conservative movement itself.

For 159 years, Minnesotans have cherished the right to vote

Tuesday is Election Day. For most of us, it can't come too soon. But the rapid-fire, info-heavy nature of today's campaign is a far cry from the first election in the Minnesota Territory on Aug. 1, 1849.
Delta Queen's last voyage strikes deep chord in Winona river man

Delta Queen's last voyage strikes deep chord in Winona river man

There will be few dry eyes this week as the last passenger steps ashore in Memphis from the deck of that great lady of the river -- the Delta Queen.

Katherine Kersten: 3 new charter schools head into legal minefield

A new charitable organization, Minnesota Education Trust, has applied to sponsor all three. One of MET's "principal goals," is "to promote the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims and promote understanding between them." How can an organization dedicated to promoting religion be qualified to sponsor public schools?

Katherine Kersten: Vulgar mockery of Christians: Is this what we want in a U.S. senator?

Al Franken is a serious senatorial candidate despite his penchant for the pornographic. But he hasn't apologized for another aspect of his trash-talking shtick: taking aim at religious believers, particularly Christians.

Katherine Kersten, columnist: Bar Assn. panel paving way for gay marriage

Below the radar, the groundwork is being laid to change the meaning of marriage in Minnesota.
Becoming an instrument of hope

Becoming an instrument of hope

A young girl's music is inspiring - as is her story of becoming a pianist against the odds.

Sustainability can be a warm, fuzzy word that invites tyranny

Today's socially conscious student finds it tough to keep up with all the latest buzzwords.

What's behind meltdown? The automobile

This is where the rubber really meets the road as we search for the villains behind the mortgage and financial market crises.
Counter-cultural education in a one-room school

Counter-cultural education in a one-room school

Remember the old one-room schoolhouse? We've moved far beyond it, right? Not John DeJak and Dale Ahlquist, who are back in a one-room school, aiming to start an education revolution in St. Louis Park with 11 students.
Cancer survivor turns questions into answers

Cancer survivor turns questions into answers

Four years ago, Michelle Morey of Orono pulled a muscle while working out at the gym. A lump in her chest stood out. But she didn't worry. It was just a knot in the muscle, she was sure.

RNC anarchists had friends in 'peaceful' protest groups

Critics would have us believe that thousands of earnest grandmas gathered peacefully in St. Paul throughout the convention to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Katherine Kersten: Storm brewing between state officials and TiZA school

Last week, Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA) and the Minnesota Department of Education appeared to reach an understanding in the controversy over whether Islam is being promoted at this public school.
Katherine Kersten: Visitors from democracy's outposts soak up RNC

Katherine Kersten: Visitors from democracy's outposts soak up RNC

Will John McCain's vice-presidential selection add a few critical electoral votes? How will the GOP's energy policy play in Ohio and Florida?

Innovative thinking on RNC morning beat

A national political convention is about four things -- the nominee's coronation ceremony, parties, speeches, and protests. That covers about 99.5 percent of what you'll see reported in the media.

Katherine Kersten: A hurricane of conservative ideas is helping to rebuild Louisiana

Is Hurricane Gustav, which was lashing Louisiana on Monday, a threat to the Republican Party and its vision of limited government? According to conventional wisdom, disasters like Katrina and Gustav demand the big-government solutions that Democrats favor.

Here's a protest you probably didn't expect to see in St. Paul

Today, we'll see every grievance imaginable on display in the long-planned protest march on the Republican National Convention, even though the convention is largely on hold in response to the hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast.

Conventions, once upon a time, were the stuff of legend

Next week's Republican National Convention will overflow with pageantry. But drama? We'll see a coronation ceremony for Sen. John McCain. The only open question is his running mate's identity -- and that too will be settled well before the first gavel.

Heteroflexible: Girls kissing girls is the latest trend

Imagine that you hear that your 18-year-old daughter was kissing another girl at a party last weekend. What races through your mind? "O my gosh, she's exploring same-sex attractions. She must be a lesbian."
The inside story on the night-to-day transformation in Iraq

The inside story on the night-to-day transformation in Iraq

Today, hopeful success stories -- told by a Minnesotan and others -- are replacing the drumbeat of failure.

Violence, sex industries pry into our soul's dark basement

Human entertainment has many dark basements. At the Roman Coliseum, crowds once howled their approval as human beings slaughtered one another. At strip clubs -- of more recent vintage -- patrons pay to stare as the most intimate and beautiful human acts are reduced to a public display of animal-like grinds and moans.
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