Kanye West seems to have no love for flyover country.

After calling it a postponement last week, West has apparently changed his tune yet again and outright canceled his concert originally scheduled this past Tuesday at Target Center. The announcement was first on West’s website and has been confirmed by arena representatives, who issued a release saying ticketholders should seek refunds at the point of purchase.

The posting on West’s site says the Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Columbus and Montreal dates and the already twice-postponed Vancouver shows are off due to “routing logistics.” Only his delayed Chicago, Toronto and Detroit concerts will be made up.

Since tours ranging from Econoline-driving indie bands to U2-sized gigantor productions seem to be able to handle the challenges to get from the Twin Cities to Chicago to St. Louis in a day’s time, West seems to be dealing here with more than just “routing logistics.” His tour had already gone through two postponements in its first week and a half before the truck accident last week that damaged his 60-foot LED video screen, which was deemed integral to his performances and thus blamed for all the aforementioned postponements.

A rather thorough check of availability on Ticketmaster the week before the Target Center date -- I was researching for a Sunday cover story that we pulled off the presses last-minute  -- showed that ample tickets were available in all sections of the arena, including the general-admission floor and reserved sections close to the stage. West previously canceled two other Twin Cities concert dates in 2007 and 2011.


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