I love the Minnesota State Fair. My family tries to make it on opening day each year.

I'll also be at the Star Tribune booth on Sunday, Sept. 6 from 1PM to 3PM. Please don't leave me standing there pointing people to the nearest bathroom. Come over and say "Hi."

If you're going to be at the fair tomorrow: Thrivent Financial will be giving out 1,500 piggy banks and 5,000 money-themed coloring books to kids at the Thrivent booth near the corner of Judson Ave. and Underwood St.

If you need money: Bremer and TCF have a corner on the ATM market there. So plan ahead. And if you're on a budget, keep those plastic payment types at home because there are temptations around every corner.

If you see me poring through my Blue Ribbon Bargain book (available for $5 at the State FairWear Gift Shops and State Fair Souvenir Kiosks), be sure to wave.

In addition to taking advantage of some of the deals in that book, no fair would be complete without a stop by the All You Can Drink Milk Booth for $1. I'm also excited that the horse shows are free this year.

Share your favorite deals at the fair below.