K.G.'s strained stomach muscles weren't the only ones being discussed when he came out for a curtain call before Timberwolves fans last week.

An e-mailer who claims to sit near the visitors bench tells me that she overheard chatter about Brandi Garnett, K.G.'s wife, being halfway through her pregnancy. "I know K.G. runs a pretty tight ship as far as his personal life. Have you heard anything about it?" asked the e-mailer, who doesn't want her cover blown.

So I telephoned Laura Raposa, Inside Track gossip columnist at the Boston Herald, and she e-mailed people who reported back that Brandi is "now noticeably pregnant."

When asked why she hadn't written about it, Raposa, using the timing of a standup comic, said: "Because you just told me." Raposa then let one of her uproarious laughs rip.


Given how private K.G. is, expect any baby he has to be kept under wraps longer than Suri Cruise was.

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