– A University of Central Missouri graphic design professor has knitted his way into the record books while running the Kansas City Marathon.

David Babcock finished the marathon in five hours, 48 minutes and 27 seconds. Knitting experts measured the red, purple and orange scarf he created along the route at just more than 12 feet long. The Guinness scarf-knitting-while-running-a-marathon record was previously held by Susie Hewer, who runs to raise money for Alzheimer's disease research. She knitted a 6-foot, 9-inch scarf at the London Marathon in April.

Like Hewer, the 41-year-old Babcock hopes that people will donate to the Alzheimer's Association. Babcock began running and knitting as separate activities about three years ago. He decided to combine them to keep things interesting. And no, he said, he didn't worry about putting his eye out.

Cee Lo faces drug charge

An attorney for Cee Lo Green said Monday her client was "pleased" Los Angeles prosecutors had declined to file a rape charge in what she called "consensual" relations between the singer and a 33-year-old woman last year. But attorney Blair Berk said Green, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, had no comment on the drug charge he faces in connection with the July 2012 incident. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office announced Monday that although it would not file the sex assault charges because of insufficient evidence, the singer had been charged with one felony count of providing ecstasy to the woman. Green has previously denied any wrongdoing.?

Mosque asks rihanna to leave: Overseers of Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque say they asked pop star Rihanna to leave the compound after she posed for photographs considered to be at odds with the "sanctity" of the site. Photos posted on various websites show the singer posing on white marble, dressed fully in black, with her hair covered according to the mosque's guidelines. The mosque statement, published Monday in local newspapers, said Rihanna was in an area normally off limits for visitors. She performed on Saturday in the city.

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