PICK OF THE WEEK: From beekeepers to DIY cheesemakers, “The Urban Farmer’s Almanac” will cover a wide range of topics related to raising food and then season the advice with stories and music. Part of the Next series sponsored by Theater Latté Da and staged as a radio variety performance, the show will be presented three times with a rotating crop (sorry about that) of guests, including Beth Dooley, author of “In Winter’s Kitchen”; Michael Chaney, founder of the urban farm Project Sweetie Pie, and Lucie Amundsen, co-founder of Locally Laid Egg Co. Dan Chouinard will host, and the Farm House Band will perform. Shows are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the Ritz Theater. Tickets are $13 at latteda.org.



Cheat sheet: Even if fishing is something you’d never touch with a 10-foot pole, here are some ways to sound like an expert when the season opens Saturday.

• Jerkbait — not your trashy cousin (no matter how well the definition fits), it means a lure pulled in a series of quick tugs.

• Hook, line and sinker — don’t say this; the term’s evolution into a cliché makes its use in reference to fishing a dead giveaway that you’ve never actually used a hook, line or sinker.

• Fillet of pike — what you’ll be ordering in a restaurant while everyone else is stuck in interminable lines at a boat launch.

Day by day: There once was a poet, Ed Lear / By whom ditties were considered quite dear / Because of his sway / Thursday’s Limerick Day / His fans’ favorite time of the year.

LIFE HACK: When you need to clean crumbs from your computer keyboard, run the sticky end of a Post-it note between the rows of keys.


recommended reading: Tired of acting your age? Check out the report in Thursday’s Variety about the Grown-Up Club, which lets adults relive their childhood — except with beer.