New babies apparently haven't yet helped heal the rift between Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight.

Voight is accommodating every member of the media covering the RNC.

After wrapping a Fox News Radio interview Monday, I asked Voight how he was doing when it comes to persuading Jolie to support his candidate for president, Sen. John McCain.

"I get this through my son," said Voight, dropping a first clue about the continued chill coming off Jolie. Jolie was "drawn to [McCain] maybe years ago, for some reason," said Voight. "Who knows what way she'll vote. She said she'll vote for the person who is most compassionate to the refugees, to the people throughout the world suffering."

Has he seen any of the grandchildren yet? "I have not," he said sounding sadly resigned. "I have not."

Mrs. Bush's Mission

With a security detail of 20, First Lady Laura Bush walked into Minneapolis' Mission American Kitchen on Monday night, restaurateur Anoush Ansari confirmed. The Bush party of six ate family-style, sharing four or five dishes.

A swinely swipe

"Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist looked right at home at the State Fair's Swine Show.

The pigs, if they were paying attention, probably didn't feel quite as comfortable.

Geist, whose duties including being something akin to a gossip correspondent with his "News You Can't Use" segments, was at the fair Sunday doing a piece that aired Tuesday but can been at MSNBC's website.

"Food's better on a stick, I've noticed," Geist told me, as you can see at

Geist was undone by the small order of cheese curds. I told him he would not be able to eat all of those deep fried bites of cheese. Sure enough, he dumped them.

Squeaky the boar seemed to sleep through the mortally humiliating act of Geist munching on a pork chop in the Swine Barn.

'ET' nice guy

Readers, there is just no excuse for this being Kevin Frazier's first mention in this space in a long time.

The "Entertainment Tonight" guy told me that his wife, Yasmin Cader, is from St. Paul. Frazier said he's in and out of the Twin Cities all the time visiting the family of his wife, a California public defender. However, when he's working, getting up at 6 a.m. to do things like go off to the RNC, Frazier stays at a hotel with crew so as not to disturb his wife, their young son or her family.

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