Post time: 12:45 p.m. Best bet: Happy Up (Race 8). Best play: 50-cent, Pick 4, Race 7, (1,4,5,7/8/1,2,3,4,6,7,8,11/1,5,6), $48.

1  300 Yards. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden claiming: $6,250. Purse: $7,500

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Scf Charging Traffic (Delgado, Hardy)122/2-1

2: Spydashing (Klaiber, Addicott)122/10-1

3: Divinne Diva (Goodwin, Frey)122/7-2

4: Painted Socks (Velazquez, Olmstead)122/3-1

5: Daves Dune Buggy (Swiontek, Livingston)122/12-1

6: Lota Legacy (Delorme, Hybsha)122/8-1

7: Fabulously Tempting (Packer, Barnes)122/5-1

SCF CHARGING TRAFFIC owns gate speed and might have found a favorable spot to get her first win. DIVINNE DIVA has yet to make a dent but gets ideal field to move forward. PAINTED SOCKS was runner-up three back in debut.

2  250 Yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden. Purse: $11,500

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds 1: Nsm Sweet Ice (Packer, Hunt)124/12-1

2: Fast Movin Fire (Pinon, Campos)124/20-1

3: Wagon Time (Swiontek, Charette-Hill)124/2-1

4: Twister Runnin Wild (Goodwin, Clark)126/15-1

5: Trust an Eagle (Smith, Johnson)124/12-1

6: Signs First Corona (Velazquez, Olmstead)124/3-1

7: Steaks Horse (Delgado, Frey)124/6-1

8: Shedazzles (Suarez Ricardo, Hanson)126/5-1

9: Jr Legacy (Bachicha, Jr., Hunt)124/10-1

WAGON TIME has been close in all her starts and looks to get her first win as the probable favorite. SHEDAZZLES is 0-16 but is a natural fit in this field. STEAKS HORSE missed by a neck last out.

3  350 Yards. Open. 2-year-olds. Futurity. Purse: $52,600

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Lady Eagle 123 (Bachicha, Jr., Ramirez)122/6-1

2: Dickey Bob (Velazquez, Olmstead)122/9-2

3: Marfilmio (Suarez Ricardo, Hanson)122/9-2

4: I Told You Im Fancy (Goodwin, Olmstead)122/10-1

5: Cannalytical (Delgado, Olmstead)122/12-1

6: Eagle Deluxe (Packer, Olmstead)122/8-1

7: High Valley Girl (Smith, Johnson)122/15-1

8: Jjsir James (Klaiber, Weidner)122/7-2

9: First of 15 (Velazquez, Olmstead)122/6-1

10: Cappy (Pinon, Black)122/15-1

JJSIR JAMES is undefeated in two starts and is strictly the one to beat. MARFILMO exits a solid maiden-breaking win. LADY EAGLE 123 didn’t disappoint as the favorite last time out.

4  1 Mile. State bred. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $10,000. Purse: $11,500

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Mr Shiver (Joubert, Hanson)124/15-1

2: Tahkodha Sky (Mawing, Sheehan)119/20-1

3: Divine Mandate (Hernandez, Silva)119/7-2

4: Moonlight Ta Kela (Loveberry, Robertson)119/9-2

5: He’s a Talker (Hamilton, Robertson)119/10-1

6: Neymar (Keith, Biehler)119/9-2

7: Joe Money (Lindsay, Silva)119/8-1

8: Tekela’s Glory (Goodwin, Rarick)119/3-1

9: Direct Impact (Evans, Wiley)124/20-1

10: Be Real Quiet (Bedford, McFadden)119/20-1

MOONLIGHT TA KELA broke slowly in his debut on the grass and never recovered. Deserves another shot in his second start for strong connections. DIVINE MANDATE failed as the heavy favorite last out, getting nipped late. One to catch to get the win. TEKELA’S GLORY plunges in class in hopes of turning things around.

5  1 Mile 70 Yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $4,000. Purse: $10,000

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Pennant Fever (Joubert, Hanson)124/3-1

2: Go to the Pulpit (Wolff, Wolff)124/20-1

3: Foolhardy (Lindsay, Bethke)124/12-1

4: My Tip (Hernandez, Westermann)124/15-1

5: Tribal Money (Velazquez, Gordon)124/8-1

6: Call It Luke (Mojica, Jr., Bolinger)124/10-1

7: Desanctus (Canchari, Stuart)124/6-1

8: Senna (P. Canchari, Gordon)124/7-2

9: Bluegale (Escobar, Rickert)124/20-1

10: Lil’ Apollo (Mawing, Bolinger)124/5-1

DESANCTUS could be lone speed on the stretch-out, and gets Alex Canchari aboard for his Canterbury debut. Alex’s brother Patrick rides SENNA, who is usually in the mix down the stretch. PENNANT FEVER switches surfaces and drops to lowest level of his lengthy career.

6  About 1 Mile 70 Yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Starter optional claiming: $7,500. Purse: $17,000

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: He Is a Roadster (Goodwin, Pfeifer)124/20-1

2: Alvear (Mawing, Scherer)124/4-1

3: Yes by Gold (Lindsay, Sheehan)124/12-1

4: Why Frank (Ramgeet, Oliver)124/10-1

5: Iver With an E (Mojica, Litfin)124/20-1

6: Knights Nation (Hamilton, House)124/5-2

7: Nutty Futty (Hernandez, Gordon)124/8-1

8: Carlsbad Mountain (Mojica, Diodoro)124/8-1

9: Klisz (Sanchez, Tracy)124/15-1

10: Bourbon Happens (Delgado, Rarick)124/6-1

11: Misdeed (Mawing, Silva)124/6-1

KNIGHTS NATION goes for his third straight win and steps up in class full of confidence. BOURBON HAPPENS was a strong winner two back, and looks to come back after finishing off the board last out. ALVEAR, NUTTY FUTTY and YES BY GOLD are major players in this wide-open affair.

7  5½ Furlongs. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse: $28,000

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Amy’s Challenge (Loveberry, Robertson)115/5-2

2: Tomey Sue’s Candy (Delorme, Swan)118/6-1

3: Lucky Benny (Goodwin, Brinson)118/10-1

4: Bread (Canchari, Heitzmann)118/4-1

5: Tre Lee Divine (Hamilton, Litfin)118/10-1

6: Cook (Joubert, Hanson)118/12-1

7: Nobrag Justfact (Mojica, Heitzmann)118/7-2

8: Sunz Up (Mojica, Jr., Bravo)118/6-1

AMY’S CHALLENGE warrants respect in her first start for the top barn. Comes in with a strong series of works and fired a bullet drill in last session. Trainer Eric Heitzman sends in BREAD and NOBRAG JUSTFACT. Both are training well for their inauguration.

8  5½ Furlongs. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse: $28,000

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Hung Over On Gin (Lindsay, Litfin)118/9-2

2: Smooth Criminal (Mawing, Silva)118/6-1

3: Heart of David (Evans, Fields)118/12-1

4: Logo (Joubert, Hanson)118/8-1

5: Lonhro Special (Hernandez, Anderson)118/5-1

6: Real Lute (Sanchez, Van Winkle)118/7-2

7: Anchurus (Swiontek, Swan)118/10-1

8: Happy Up (Hamilton, Heitzmann)118/3-1

HAPPY UP broke slowly in his debut but showed fight in a brief bid. Could prove tough with clean start. HUNG OVER ON GIN begins his racing career with the inside draw and could be the one to catch. Barn has been firing as of late. REAL LUTE and SMOOTH CRIMINAL are two other first-timers with snappy morning works.

9  About 5 Furlongs. Fillies and Mares. 3-year-olds and up. Starter optional claiming: $7,500. Purse: $17,000

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Desert Summer (Goodwin, Van Winkle)124/10-1

2: Four Times Lucky (Lindsay, Van Winkle)124/8-1

3: Sweet Tango (Mojica, Bethke)124/10-1

4: Hide the Hooch (Bedford, Stuart)119/8-1

5: Rosebud’s Tiger (Mojica, Jr., Rhone)124/20-1

6: Annoy (Canchari, Heitzmann)124/2-1

7: Danzig Flare (Hamilton, Silva)124/12-1

8: Wishihada (Ramgeet, Lund)124/4-1

9: Gratzie (Canchari, Robertson)124/5-2

10: Seneca Sally (Hernandez, Gordon)120/15-1

11: Maid Easy (Mawing, Silva)124/6-1

ANNOY dominated on the dirt last out and will be tough to fend off closing late, if she can transfer that effort to the grass. WISHIHADA returns to the lawn, where she gives her best performances. Filly has early speed to be in good spot from the start. HIDE THE HOOCH owns the class department but has been on the bench since last November. Might have found proper level for return bout.

10 1 Mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $12,500. Purse: $13,500

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt. Odds

1: Dutchman (Canchari, House)124/6-1

2: Amazing Love (Mawing, Silva)119/10-1

3: Express River (Hamilton, Bravo)124/7-2

4: Secret Revealed (Hernandez, Gordon)124/10-1

5: Pine Grove Road (Ramgeet, Rarick)119/5-2

6: Streakin Schiller (Keith, Biehler)124/4-1

7: Silver of Oz (Mojica, Jr., Bravo)119/9-2

DUTCHMAN should see a fast pace to roll on late. Gets positive jockey switch to top jock. STREAKIN SCHILLER went gate-to-wire last out off the extended layoff. Expect to be involved from the bell with Lori Keith aboard. PINE GROVE ROAD will show early initiative to get on or near the lead, where the gelding is most comfortable. Has finished in the top two spots last three efforts.