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John Rash is an editorial writer and columnist. His Rash Report column analyzes media and politics, and his focus on foreign policy has taken him on international reporting trips to China, Japan, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lithuania, Kuwait and Canada.. 

Rash's commentary can be heard on WCCO-AM on Friday mornings at 8:10 a.m. and on Wednesdays on "Playing Politics," a podcast from the Editorial Board. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife, two children and a dog.
Recent content from John Rash
Hugh Jackman portrays U.S. Sen. Gary Hart in the film “The Front Runner.” After a promising effort in 1984, Hart made what turned out to be a shor

Rash Report: 'Front Runner' Gary Hart stumbled at new era's starting line

New movie recalls the 1988 sex scandal that engulfed the favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee.
Watergate reporter Bob Woodward said his and Carl Bernstein’s reporting on the Nixon White House looks “quite restrained” in hindsight.

Rash Report: Bob Woodward on Watergate's, and today's, political-media eras

President Trump, the journalist said, might be best remembered for his 'policy casino.'
The meeting last week of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did little to dispel the furor over the

Rash Report: World watches Saudi, U.S. response to Khashoggi crisis

Even if Trump doesn't act, Congress can reassert U.S. foreign-policy independence by limiting arms sales to the kingdom.
An image taken from CCTV video obtained by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet and made available on Tuesday claims to show Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogg

Rash Report: More than arms sales at stake in Khashoggi case

American values and U.S. leadership are needed to counter the rise of a global "authoritarian alliance."
President Donald Trump, at a news conference last week in New York. Differences between Republicans and Democrats in their views of the media have wid

Rash Report: Enormous partisan divide on media endangers democracy

New Pew poll reflects deep divisions on support for the watchdog role of the press, perceived fairness, trust and other key issues.
A scene from “Time for Ilhan,” a documentary about Ilhan Omar, a refugee from Somalia who came to Minnesota as a youth and won election to the Min

Rash Report: A split vote on two new documentaries about democracy

"Fahrenheit 11/9," "Time for Ilhan" leave moviegoers with different takes on America's political system.
Prague, August 1968: In this file photo, residents of the capital of what was then Czechoslovakia tried to block a Soviet tank. The vehicle was part o

Rash Report: From Soviet tanks in 1968 to Russian clicks in 2018

Tactics shift, but the foreign policy objectives seem similar to a previous era.
Gubernatorial candidates at a forum at Farmfest in Morgan, Minn., last week: Tim Walz, DFL; Tim Pawlenty, GOP; Lori Swanson, DFL; Jeff Johnson, GOP; E

Rash Report: Primary shows Minnesota is a microcosm of broader U.S. trends

Geographic, generational and gender trends, not to mention ideological divides, are apparent in state races.
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived for their one-on-one meeting on July 16 in Helsinki.

Rash Report: A Russian (and at times, Soviet) news narrative

Controversy over Trump-Putin summit, attacks on the press and a Republican rebuke of policy "commissars."
President Donald Trump, heading to a news conference Wednesday at NATO headquarters in Brussels after a summit of the organization.

Rash Report: Trump's disruption of international order comes with peril

The president is accelerating the waning of a system that's advanced U.S. interests.
North American neighbors Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, President Donald Trump and Mexico’s leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel L

Rash Report: Mexican election comes amid frayed North American ties

But relationships between Americans, Mexicans and Canadians transcend politics.
The Somali Museum Dance Troupe performs traditional dances from all regions of Somalia. The troupe, made up of high school and college students, is am

Rash Report: The migration issue is global, and growing

History Center's "Somalis + Minnesota" shows how immigration enriches.
In this screen grab, Mamoudou Gassama was scaling a Paris apartment building to save the boy dangling from a balcony.

Malian 'Spiderman' becomes real-life French superhero

Remarkable rescue shows the power of viral video and reflects the potency of immigration issue in Europe.
The Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul.

'Amazing' state needs governance to match it

Enduring political paralysis risks marring Minnesota's brand.
President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China appeared at a welcome ceremony in Beijing last November while the U.S. president was on his f

Rash Report: Will the U.S. and China get ensnared in 'Thucydides's Trap'?

In a provocative book, Harvard scholar Graham Allison examines if the two countries are "Destined for War."
Riot police charged through the streets of Paris during student demonstrations in May of 1968, a turbulent year in many places.

Rash Report: 'In the Intense Now' of political protest, in 1968 and today

Walker Art Center's "Legacy of '68" film series sparks comparisons to current world turbulence.
A man cried at a hospital after he lost his son, a journalist, in an explosion Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan. Eight other journalists were also killed

Rash Report: Kabul carnage a reminder of an oft-forgotten conflict

Afghan citizens, multinational forces and an international press corps are under relentless siege from violent extremists.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is White House press secretary. Reporters Without Borders said this week that the U.S. has fallen two places on the global inde

Rash Report: Press freedom — and democracy — imperiled worldwide

2018 World Press Freedom Index warns of press repression amid rising authoritarianism.
Dina Kawar

Rash Report: Jordan's 'rough and tough times' met with admirable compassion

Ambassador Dina Kawar reflects on her nation's resiliency.
Crowds of people at the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

Japan on the global stage: The art and craft of ennobling a nation

Japan has been up and down more than once. It's steady now and willing to be a pillar of global affairs.
Crew members rolled out the red carpet in front of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for Sunday’s 90th Academy Awards.

Rash Report: #MeToo movement will hasten Hollywood shifts

Drive for diversity in front of and behind the camera bolstered by "Black Panther" and activism.
Members of the gold-medal-winning U.S. women’s hockey team included, from left, Meghan Duggan, Hilary Knight, Monique Lamoureux-Morando, Jocelyne La

Rash Report: The Olympic spirit is an antidote to these dispiriting times

Games face challenges and change, but still inspire athletes and fans worldwide.
American officials testified about worldwide threats before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. From left are Chris Wray, FBI director; Mike

Rash Report: Protect elections, democracy's DNA

U.S. intelligence chiefs' warnings on Russian interference should spur bipartisan backing for an aggressive congressional response.
U.S. Bank Stadium, the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl, pitting NFL royalty, the New England Patriots, against the Viking-vanquishing Philadelphia Eagle

Super Bowl, State of the Union offer ritualistic respites

Challenges batter the nation, and the National Football League, but both events offer a unique unity moment, however fleeting.
Adel Karam as Tony, left, and Kamel El Basha as Yasser in “The Insult.”

Rash Report: Amid Lebanese strife, an Oscar compliment for 'The Insult'

Acclaimed Lebanese film focuses on unhealed wounds from vicious civil war.
Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. spoke on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

Rash Report: 'Fake news' focus has real consequences

Two Arizona Republican senators reflect on President Trump's attacks on the media.
Tom Hanks portrays Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, left, and Meryl Streep portrays publisher Katharine Graham in a scene from “The Post.”

Rash Report: 'The Post' works in historic, current context

New movie examines Pentagon Papers case and puts a lens on today's era.

Rash Report: China rises, including to top of 2018 'risk list'

Forecasters see Beijing beginning to fill the power vacuum left by a disengaged Trump administration.
Lookups for “feminism,” Merriam-Webster’s 2017 word of the year, spiked with the Women’s March in Washington (and elsewhere) on Jan. 21, 2017.

Rash Report: In a word (or four), it was an extraordinary year

Four different dictionaries' "words of the year" define our times and deliver a potential preview of 2018.
Alabama’s Roy Moore rode his horse Sassy to his polling place in Gallant, Ala., on Tuesday.

Rash Report: Politics increasingly defining states' images

The potential impact on Alabama's reputation may have spurred some Republicans to say "no Moore."
Gary Oldman stars as Winston Churchill in director Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour.”

Rash Report: 'Darkest Hour,' but enduring light on Winston Churchill

New movie about the British prime minister is just the latest reflection on a leader who has become a legend.
“Harry and Ahmed,” a UNICEF ad that won a British Arrows Award, spans the ages with the stories of two refugees.

Best of British ads shows simple wishes, complex reality

Annual Walker Art Center screening shows advertising as creative as the shows it supports and provides insight into U.K. society.
In this photo from 2015, Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of the state-funded RT television network, right, Russian President Vladimir Putin, c

Rash Report: West must unite against Kremlin meddling

Recent reports and events show the extent of Russia's political and media manipulation.
Antonio Eligio Fernández’s “El Bloqueo” (“The Blockade” or “The Embargo”) is part of an exhibition of Cuban art at the Walker Art Cente

Rash Report: Cuba trade embargo empowers hardliners

A pair of Minnesotans in Congress from opposite sides of the aisle agree that the decades-old U.S. policy is counterproductive.
Major Gen. Richard Nash, right, passed the 34th Infantry division colors to then-Brigadier Gen. Jon Jensen during a change-of-command ceremony for the

Rash Report: Carrying on the proud tradition of the Minnesota National Guard

Incoming, outgoing adjutant generals speak about geopolitics, service and the need for diversity in the ranks.
Actor Liam Neeson stars in “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.”

Rash Report: 'Mark Felt' movie about Watergate evokes parallels to today

Leaks, investigative reporting and a special counsel consume Washington.
ICAN executive director Beatrice Fihn, left, and steering committee members Daniel Hogsta and Grethe Ostern, answered questions from the media Friday

ICAN's can-do on nuclear weapons ban befits Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has always lauded long-shot peacemaking efforts, many of which came to fruition.
Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs in a scene from the film “Battle of the Sexes.”

Billie Jean King reflects on 'Battle of the Sexes'

New film depicts her historic win against Bobby Riggs: "I was very clear that this wasn't just a tennis match."
Election posters of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a main street in Frankfurt, Germany, have a slogan that reads “successful for Germany.”

Rash Report: Merkel, Germany seem ready for a reassuring election

A stable nation and leader look to emerge further as a geopolitical force, but a rising right-wing party may mar the outcome.
Russia isn’t just playing political games; it’s also playing war games, this week launching “Zapad-2017” near its western border. Here, army v

Rash Report: Russia's election meddling extends to social media

Fake Facebook accounts bought ads that "appeared to favor amplifying divisive social and political messages."
A member of the Syrian Civil Defense group known as the White Helmets carried a child after airstrikes hit a school earlier this year. The intrepid re

Rash Report: Amid global woes, a welcome Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Augsburg University forum's focus on "bridging divisions through dialogue" reflects the grass-roots effort needed for peacemaking.
In June, U.S. soldiers maneuvered an M-777 howitzer so it could be towed into position at Bost Airfield, Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is in its

Rash Report: Don't let Afghanistan be the next 'forgotten war'

Americans — and the news media — tune out of the enduring South Asian conflict even as military sacrifices continue.
While the Trump administration is trying to coalesce global powers to curb North Korea, world powers are trying to convince the U.S. to adhere to the

Proliferation threats vex White House, world

With U.S.-South Korean exercises, the focus will shift back to North Korean crisis.
Rash Report: Steve Sack on his 'little piece of real estate in the paper'

Rash Report: Steve Sack on his 'little piece of real estate in the paper'

A book and a "Talk of the Stacks" event reflect remarkable career of the Star Tribune cartoonist.
John Overmyer/NewsArt

Rash Report: More-amorphous security threats worry world the most

New Pew poll points to ISIS, climate change, cyberattacks, global economy and refugees.
Among the many incidents in Washington, D.C., this week was new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci taking to Twitter to lash out a

Rash Report: A wild week in Washington by any standard

Distractions and disconnects in the White House and Congress.
“Dunkirk” tells the true story of the remarkable rescues in 1940 of more than 338,000 trapped Allied soldiers from Dunkirk, France.

Rash Report: What 'Dunkirk' displays about Britain, then and now

A temporary retreat from a hostile continent during wartime to a permanent Brexit divorce from today's welcoming Europe.
Al Jazeera staff members worked at their TV station in Doha, Qatar. Four Gulf nations are pressuring Qatar to shut down the network and its affiliates

Rash Report: Gulf diplomatic strife engulfs Al Jazeera, too

The dispute between Qatar and four nations led by Saudi Arabia threatens regional stability.
French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump talked at far left while world leaders gathered for a group photo during the G-20 sum

Rash Report: Why Trump's — and America's —international image matters

A new Pew poll reports low global confidence in the president, which may make diplomatic efforts more difficult.
Cpl. Jesse Nowicki of the Minnesota National Guard said the Saber Strike 17 training exercise in Lithuania was an “eye-opening experience.”

Rash Report: NATO 'obsolete'? Minnesota National Guard proves that's not the case

A training exercise takes our soldiers to Lithuania for on-the-ground experience in an area that (one never knows) they might be called upon to defend.
James Comey:  It is very, very serious ... . This is about America, not about a particular party.”

Rash Report: There's consensus on one president, at least

Russian interference in America's democracy should inspire the pursuit of the truth.
British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke to the media in London on Tuesday, the day after the deadly terror attack following an Ariana Grande concert

Rash Report: Unity on Manchester, but British divisions define election

On June 8 U.K. voters will decide whether Prime Minister May's "safe pair of hands" will still guide Great Britain.
Publisher John Cowles with the globe that debuted in the lobby of the Star and the Tribune in 1951.

Star Tribune Globe to spin again as world news comes full circle

International news events echo the original unveiling of the globe in 1951.
President Trump with visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, left, and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on Wednesday. The photo was from Tass; U.S.

Comey controversy means difficult diplomacy ahead

For U.S. envoys, a tougher task of projecting America's model of democracy amid disarray at home.
Sunday’s French presidential election pits Marine Le Pen of the National Front party against Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche! (On the Move!) party.

A French election with continental consequence

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen offer France dramatically different visions for their country's future.
Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos made the victory sign after voting in a referendum to support the peace deal he signed with the Revolutionar

Rash Report: Colombia makes the case for foreign-policy resolve

Chronic crises elsewhere shouldn't preclude proactive Latin America efforts.
One of the official March For Science posters that are championing the nationwide campaign.

Rash Report: A march for science — and society

The United States could use a new "Sputnik moment" that rallies around scientists and other learned experts.
“Clash” is a 2016 internationally coproduced drama shot entirely in the confines of a police van containing Egyptians of varied political persuasi

Rash report: International film festival reflects global, and local, passages

Among the notable films is an Egyptian drama, "Clash," that examines the deep divisions that spiraled Cairo into chaos.
An American soldier tended to a fellow soldier’s head wound at Varennes-en-Argonne, France, during World War I. Many of the issues that roiled the U

Rash Report: A century on, World War I-era debates reverberate today

Upcoming Minnesota History Center exhibit and PBS documentary recall America's entry into World War I.
Big Bird reads to kids on “Sesame Street,” a PBS staple for years. PBS gets some of its funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, whic

Rash Report: PBS a value, and invaluable to American society

Citizens and Congress could rescue the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from the president's proposed cut.
John Overmyer/NewsArt

Rash Report: Three key 2017 elections will reflect, shape Europe's future

Amid populism, politicians who still back the European Union.
President Trump prepared to deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, while Barry Jenkins and the cast and crew of “Moonl

Rash Report: Viewership of Academy Awards, Trump's address to Congress reflect divisions

As the world watches U.S. turmoil, Americans with opposing viewpoints may be looking past each other.
Journalist Roxana Saberi spoke before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received the Liberty Medal during a ceremony at the National Constitut

Rash Report: The international impact of Trump's 'enemy' tweet

Presidential pressure on press freedom, reporter safety is at risk.
Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash, who oversees the Minnesota National Guard, and Maj. Gen. Tor Rune Raabye, commander of the Norwegian Home Guard, address Ho

Rash Report: At Camp Ripley training, 'NATO is standing together'

For the 44th year, Minnesota National Guard and Norwegian Home Guard troops train together.
John Overmyer/NewsArt

Amid award season in U.S., global art 'under threat'

A report from the advocacy group Freemuse states that 'artists continue to be silenced all over the world.'
Kyriakos Papadopoulos, a captain in the Greek Coast Guard, is caught in the struggle of refugees fleeing the Middle East and traveling the short dista

Rash Report: Worldwide migration crisis sparks fundamental questions

Oscar-nominated documentaries "Fire at Sea" and "4.1 Miles" give context to what's at stake regarding refugee resettlement.
White House press secretary Sean Spicer, left, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, and senior White House adviser Stephen Bannon have played dist

Rash Report: 'Alternative facts' and the power of words

The press reacts to — and is targeted by — the Trump administration in the week after the inaugural.
Spasskaya (Savior’s) Tower, right, has for centuries been the principal entry for czars and commisars into the Kremlin complex.

Rash Report: Europe on alert for Kremlin's election meddling

Consequential elections amid an "information war" and "amplification vortex."
President Obama gave his farewell address Tuesday in Chicago. President-elect Donald Trump held a news conference Wednesday in New York.

Rash Report: Eras diverge in a week of defining media moments

Dramatic differences in policy, personality await the nation.
Barrie Maguire/NewsArt

Rash Report: 2017's geopolitics may turn even more turbulent

Analysts add the transition to Trump to the list of world uncertainties that may herald a "geopolitical recession."
President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. At right, Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy and Nat

Rash Report: Past is prologue in cultural and news narratives

The 2016 election, enduring world conflicts, a new Pew poll, and the compelling film "Jackie" all prove William Faulkner prescient.
The tomb of Fidel Castro at the Cemeterio Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba on Dec. 4, 2016.

Rash Report: As with Fidel, media freedoms elusive under Raul Castro

Further engagement, not renewed estrangement, is still the best U.S. strategy.
Rugby player Gareth Thomas, in a poignant Guinness Beer ad that is among the British Arrows Award winners screening at the Walker Art Center through D

Rash Report: Brexit not an exit of U.K. creativity

The British Arrows Awards, now screening at the Walker, show Britain's international cultural impact.
Canada has emerged as an exemplar of internationalism amid a rising populist tide. Here, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted members of a Syrian ref

Rash Report: A Canadian view of America's election

In Winnipeg, expressions of concern, insight and affection for America's turbulent politics.
Robert Redford portrays Bob Woodward in "All the President's Men" (1976) and office-seeker Bill McKay in "The Candidate" (1972).

Rash Report: Robert Redford's prescient '70s films speak to 2016's politics

What "The Candidate" and "All the President's Men" can tell us about today's divisive environment.
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