Three Strange Questions About Your Job Search

  • Article by: KEVIN DONLIN , Star Tribune Sales and Marketing
  • Updated: April 9, 2008 - 11:42 AM

How can you find a job faster? Kevin Donlin advises job-seekers to investigate which jobs are really out there, to be productive, and to utilize available resources to streamline the job search process.

Looking for a new job?

If so, you have a problem, right?

You want to find work.

Would you like to solve that problem and get hired faster?


That's what this column will help you do.

Wait. Stop.

You've just read 39 words and all I've done is ask a few questions. You've just proven how engaging and powerful questions can be.


If you want to find out how three engaging and rather unusual questions could give you the answers you need to find your next job fast, keep reading ...

1) What jobs are really out there?

Before investing precious time in a job search, wouldn't it be great to know exactly what the demand for your skills is right now, so you head off in the right direction?

Well, you can. And it's easy to do.

Just go to (or any mega employment site) and play with search terms to get a sense for what employers are looking for.

Example: Searching for "auto sales" at Monster turned up 77 job openings in Minnesota; "automotive sales" found 123 openings; and "car sales" brought back 152 job listings – nearly twice as many as the first search.

Knowing the demand for specific jobs will help you speak the language employers want to hear. In the example above, I would use "car sales" in my resumes, cover letters, and networking conversations, because that's the phrase employers seem to be looking for in that sector.

Note: For a more accurate idea of what's out there, multiply the number of jobs you find online by four. Because only about 15-25% of job openings are ever advertised.

2) Are you being active or productive in your job search?

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