Some of the same questions that were raised in the Twin Cities about Jerry Kill's new job at Kansas State were also being raised in Kansas after it was announced that he was taking a new job as associate athletic director with the responsibility for overseeing the football program.

So Kill went out of his way, in some detail, to explain that he's not a candidate to succeed 76-year-old K-State head coach Bill Snyder when he decides to retire. Here's the full Kill quote, as reported by the Wichita Eagle: “Here’s the thing I want to clear up real quick: I cannot ever be a head coach. That is just the way my life is going to be and I am very understanding of that. My next journey is this journey. My way of being part of student-athletes and part of a football program is just this, mentoring people. I even checked it out with my doctor before I got this far. I have to live a little different life than I did before, and I am OK with it. I am going to do what John asks me to do.”

John is John Currie, the Kansas State athletic director. Kill is replacing an assistant who was basically seen as Currie's top administrator in areas that went beyond football, according to the Eagle's report.

Writer Kellis Robinett offered this speculation about the future: "It is an interesting hire that gained national attention when it was announced Tuesday morning. Some wonder if Kill, despite his intentions never to coach again, might have interest in succeeding Snyder when he chooses to retire. If not, might he play a key role in helping Currie choose Snyder’s replacement? Could the presence of a former successful coach help in other ways?"

You can read the full report from the Wichita newspaper here.

In the Topeka Capital-Journal, writer Kevin Haskin wrote about the past relationship between Snyder and Kill, who is a Kansas native, from when Kill was a much younger coach: “When I went to Southern Illinois, I called (Snyder) and asked him for some time, and he said, ‘You’re from Kansas, and you’ve done a good job. I’d love to have you come up here and visit.’ I was fortunate enough for him to take some time, and it wasn’t an hour of his time. He spent about six hours with me because I was going to Southern Illinois to try to turn that program around. That’s where we started a relationship, so that was probably 20 years ago.”

Haskin's full story is here.

The Kansas State football blog, Bring on the Cats, loved the move -- after also telling readers that Kill is not a coach-in-waiting. It compared Kill to Wildcats basketball coach Bruce Weber, by calling Kill's hiring "a no brainer ....  Not only did Jerry Kill beat kidney cancer, he started his own charity to help low income families to afford treatments for the disease. Also, Kill has shown great coaching and leadership abilities throughout his career that makes him well qualified to handle the administrative side of things since he knows about being on the line as a football coach. This is a phenomenal hire by Kansas State"

That post is here.

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