Jeanette Trompeter believes you can go home again. She's just been named the evening anchor for KSBY News in Central Calfornia. Here's a note she sent to friends and colleagues:


I can't believe it's really happening.   It's always been a quiet longing, but now it's really happening.   I'm coming home to the Central Coast of California.  It was hard leaving this place years ago, but the quest for upward movement in my career had me packing my bags, saying tearful goodbyes to family and friends, and heading east.  I learned what mid-west winters where like, and what wonderful mid-west people people are like.   I learned how the presidential race starts at least two (or three!) years beforehand when you live in the city that hosts the first presidential contest in the nation, the Iowa Caucus.   And I learned people really do set up fishing houses on frozen lakes and fish in the dead of winter in Minnesota.   And I learned how fun college football can be to watch when you're sitting a sea of Cyclone, Hawkeye, Gopher, or Badgers fans.

I usually felt I was just where I was meant to be at that moment in time, but always there was that quiet longing to get back home...someday.

It occurred to me that someday might be drawing nearer during a visit home for a reunion in August.  (You can see what I wrote back then here:  I didn't have a plan, but I began asking myself if maybe it was time.   I love Minnesota and saying goodbye will be hard, but I was beginning to have notions my time there was nearing an end.   I made a pledge since my departure from WCCO to follow my gut on "what's next" and though it's been challenging at times, I have tried to listen.   And when offers or opportunities presented themselves in other places, my gut had a knot in it.   The thought of moving to another new city and starting over wasn't quite as intriguing to me as it once was, especially in the state of the industry and the economy right now.   I thought more about more about where I wanted to live, rather than where I wanted to work.   I could stay in Minneapolis, but I needed a paycheck coming in before I saw the opportunity of one appearing.   And through it all, I kept thinking, "maybe it's time".  

So today, I will walk into the station where I started my career and say hi to old colleagues and friends and be introduced to new ones as their newest employee.  Yes, I'm coming back to
KSBY Action News as their evening news anchor, a position I always dreamed about when I was a young reporter here.  

I have told a few friends and colleagues, and their reaction has shaken my balance a bit.   
KSBY serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara counties, but it is still a relatively small market.    But it's filled with young people still passionate about what they're doing, who aren't doing it for the money, but because they love what they're doing.   And there are veterans who have chosen to stay because they realized early they get to do what they love along a little stretch of paradise.  And as I looked out the window of my hotel room last night (see picture above) and this morning, I'm realizing I had to go follow the yellow brick road, and experience the mishaps and adventures I did to appreciate what I'm looking at.    Certainly there are no guarantees here either, especially these days, but I'm in a more comfortable venue for the bumps that may come.  I'm home.   

Don't get me wrong, I will miss the Twin Cities.  I now love hockey, I sport I didn't really much understand the concept of until I sat behind the glass at a  Minnesota Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center.  I will always be a Minnesota Vikings fan from here on out.  And yes, I'm on the Brett Farve bandwagon now too.   But my favorite player is Jared Allen, not only because he's an amazing player, but also because he reminds me of some of the Bull-Doggers I know...back home.   It's weird how life works out, if you just sit back and let it it unfold.  And listen to that little voice inside, or that knot in your stomach.   

So here we go.  On to the next adventure....California here I come, right back where I started from.....   Full Circle. 

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have offered over the last six months.    I'll be around Minnesota through the end of the year, and shall continue on while I'm at KSBY.   So keep stopping by and follow me on my moving adventures and all that follows.


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