J Robinson’s agent disputed allegations that the Gophers wrestling coach tried covering up a prescription drug issue within the team, in a statement late Monday.

“In late February/early March, Coach Robinson became suspicious members of the University of Minnesota wrestling team were using drugs,” said the statement from James C.W. Bock. “… Coach Robinson notified his direct supervisor within the Athletic Department of his concerns.”

A Gophers wrestler told the Star Tribune last week that Robinson knew in March that four teammates were selling the prescription sedative Xanax, and that about 10-12 team members were taking the drug.

Robinson, the source said, called a team meeting March 23 in which he told his wrestlers they would be granted amnesty if they wrote one-page confession letters. The source also said Robinson had his wrestlers undergo a drug test.

Monday night’s statement from Robinson’s agent said the 30-year head coach “specifically notified the interim Athletic Department Director as well, and of his desire to have specific wrestlers tested.”

“Coach Robinson was instructed he needed to complete a ‘testing form’ before requesting the testing of student athletes,” the statement said.

The statement said the wrestlers were drug tested “on or about” March 21, and that four days later interim AD Beth Goetz sent a 20-page e-mail with the university’s drug and alcohol policy.

“The University has now been placed on written notice the communications and electronically stored data in its control may not be damaged, altered and/or destroyed and must be available for future dissemination,” the agent’s statement said. “As of this date no specific person or identifiable employee of the University has made a statement of fact that can be corroborated.”