Our oldest son moved to Seattle with his new bride, taking a job at Cray, the supercomputer company that powers weather models at NOAA and ECMWF. He was hoping to take a badly needed break from the merciless cold and snow of a Minnesota winter. Looked good on paper.

Seattle is enduring the coldest winter since 1985 — the city saw more than 7 inches of snow in February, compared with 0.3 inches at MSP. "It's been fairly mild and quiet," I explained. "Just a couple of tornadoes."

New England is shivering through record cold; the biggest snowstorm of the winter season may hit the Northeast on Tuesday with 1 to 2 feet and blizzard conditions just inland. So much for the early bloom of cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

Today is the better travel day in Minnesota with mid-20s and a generous smear of clouds. Sunday's clipper looks more impressive, probably "plowable." A band of 2 to 5 inches of snow may set up over the metro area late Sunday into early Monday. Don't write off winter just yet.