No rush, David. You've already embarrassed your entire organization, if that's possible, by letting Rambis dangle for so long in employment limbo that he showed up, uninvited, to your pre-draft workouts.

I'll have more on that subject in the Sunday paper.

For today, let me ask this question:

How are American sports fans going to feel if LeBron James wins it all?

He's widely hated for ``The Decision,'' but it's increasingly clear that he made the right decision, and that he's eminently capable of doing the two things that we doubted he could do:

-Win a championship.

-Win a championship while becoming a great closer, taking and making almost all of the big shots.

James was brilliant last night, as he has been throughout the playoffs. If we could ignore his tone-deaf off-the-court comments, what we would see is a superior defender, an unselfish distributor, a guy who (other than that elimination game with the Cavaliers) seems to always play hard, and now a superior clutch player.

He is the best player in basketball, and the NBA finals matchup pitting him against Dirk Nowitzki will provide a compelling end to a compelling playoffs.

-With the Twins facing the Angels this weekend at Target Field, I'm reminded of the time that Torii Hunter took a swing at Justin Morneau, and accidentally hit Nick Punto.

Now, I'm not advocating violence, but right about now I wouldn't mind seeing a prominent Twin taking a swing at a teammate. OK, I guess I am advocating violence.

The Twins need an intimidating presence in their clubhouse, and since none of these players seem capable of playing that role, they may have to adjust their coaching staff this winter to add a former player who can get after malingerers and whiners.

Paul Molitor? Dan Gladden? Tom Brunansky? I'd take any of them. Molitor is the smartest player I ever covered. Gladden has just the right personality to be a clubhouse enforcer, and has the cache of two World Series titles with the franchise. Brunansky is on the fast track through the Twins' minor-league organization.

I like the current staff, and they've been part of a lot of winning teams, but when a season starts to go south this team needs someone who can play enforcer. My information is that manager Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson are the only two members of the big-league staff who can and will upbraid a lax player.

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