"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better" wrote Albert Camus, the French philosopher. Americans have the freedom to fail — repeatedly — until they succeed. New research suggests tenacity, grit and determination are the best indicators of eventual success.

I'm feeling pretty good about the holiday forecast. In fact, this may be one of the nicest July 4th holidays in recent memory, albeit it a little on the cool side Friday and Saturday. That said, I expect few complaints.

A reinforcing cool frontal passage sparks a few showers and thundershowers today, but skies clear Friday as dew points dip into the upper 40s; typical for mid-September. A bubble of cool, clean, Canadian high pressure pushes thunderstorms into Omaha and Des Moines by late week, treating us to blue sky and lukewarm temperatures. The 80s return Sunday, maybe mid- to upper 80s on July 4th. Many towns and lakes will stay dry from Friday into next Monday. Storms may return next week, maybe a midweek "heat spike."

But great July 4th weather? Get ready to ring the church bells!