“The sloth is the spirit animal of the Millennial generation”- that’s the title of a Buzzfeed article from July, 2013. They weren’t wrong. Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) take immense pleasure in thrilling mid-afternoon naps but don’t we all? Time Magazine issued some broad descriptions: “They’re narcissistic. They’re lazy. They’re coddled. They’re even a bit delusional.” But they don’t always drag around their three-toes, Generation Y is a better generation than what it’s perceived to be. Politics, economics and technology are all trees that every Millennial has climbed once or twice. Of course, some were faster than others.

            Politics are more laid back to Millennials who are active participants in government both at the local and national level. The only difference really is that they are just more likely to let go of personal liberties for the security of their “me me me” generation. Discovery concluded that these sentiments came from defining moments in their lives like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, 9/11, and the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings. These events alone make them a generation of awareness.

             After frequent job hopping and low retention rates, employers have long been frustrated by Millennials who have now been dubbed as “boomerangs.” They literally leave home, go to college and end up right back in their parents basements. It’s no fault of their own though. Market research firm, Pace Communications, proposed that most have endured crushing student loans and high unemployment rates leaves them without much choice in the matter. Delayed adulthood is only occurring because as a nation Americans have suffered the worst economic market since the Great Depression.

When Millennials become consumers, however, they are incredibly conscientious. Pew Research Polls found that most try to reduce driving times for the sake of carbon emissions, they’re willing to buy “green-friendly” products even if they are more expensive, and companies that support a social cause are especially targeted by Generation Y. Matt Bors, Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial cartooning, says that Millennials were invited to the party last and served up crumbs. Which they’ll proudly Instagram before they eat.

            Millennials cannot be torn from their devices but there are positive aspects to their many connections. Global technology is radically changing because of high demand for an even faster connection. Attracted to corporations who embrace the digital world they could be the most significant faction leading the Technological Revolution of the Twenty-First Century. Their emojis really are worth a thousand words at this point.

            Perception of this generation of Americans has been increasingly more negative in recent years, portraying every kid taking an innocent selfie as a vapid narcissist. Maybe the critics are the ones who should loosen up their skinny jeans a bit more. Sloths can be our spirit animal if we let it. Buzzfeed continues, “We are the Millennial Generation. We are sloths. And we’re going nowhere fast.”

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