Don't quote me, but after examining a strength of schedule (SOS) site, I think I may have uncovered our draft position for the 2011 NFL Draft. Of course, I am a mere amateur and could be off, but it appears that the order is:


1. Carolina

2. Cincinnati

3. Buffalo

4. Denver

5. Cleveland

6. Arizona

7. San Francisco

8. Tennessee (or Seattle, then Tenn. and each team following is one position lower).

9. Dallas

10. Washington

11. Houston

12. Minnesota

13. Detroit

Disappointing if true, Minnesota did not do well in the tiebreaker, as their schedule was considered the 9th toughest in the NFL going into Week 17. Only Detroit (6th) had a tougher schedule of the seven 6-10 teams. Ties are broken based on SOS difficulty, or lack thereof. The easier the schedule, the better the draft slot.

Again, this order is based on SOS prior to the completion of this week. Things could change. Seven teams finished 6-10, with Seattle potentially joining the group should they lose. The Vikings' loss today really dropped the Lions far greater than it raised Minnesota.





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