The bloom seems to be off the rose for Target. I remember moving to the Twin Cities 23 years ago and thinking "What is this weird fascination that Minnesotans have for Target aka Tarzhay?" Nowadays Target seems to have disappointed nearly all of us in some way, yet many of us still shop there. People set the bar extraordinarily high for Target and when it has disappointed us in the last decade or so, we seem to take it personally.

The closest thing I can find in today's retail landscape to the Target worship of the 1980s is Costco. It isn't  the all-encompassing store that Target has become, but who doesn't love its liberal return policy, the attempt to stock high-quality merchandise and the fact that its employees are paid a decent wage?

Mary Protas of Coon Rapids called in a cheers and jeers for Costco today. She gives the company a thumbs up for calling her recently when a product she purchased had been recalled. (Call Costco big brother if you want, but it  tracks everything we buy. That's why you really don't even need a receipt for returns.)

But every retailer can improve. Protas, who buys a lot of milk as a daycare provider, hates the square container that Costco sells. The pour spout is too large, she said, so it always spills. I've heard the same complaint from other readers, but Costco hasn't done anything about it because the square container saves on shelf space.

What's your slobbery wet kiss for Costco? Or a slap to its backside maybe? Spill it.