Forget your NCAA pairings for now, Wednesday, March 14 is the last day to vote in round one of the showdown between the company who couldn't fill Black Friday orders vs. the company who couldn't fill Missoni online purchases 

Twin Cities-based retailers Target and Best Buy are just two of the companies duking it out for "Worst Company in America," according to the Consumerist, a subsidiary of Consumer Reports. Thirty-two companies were nominated for the dubious distinction, which are selected from reader submissions.


This is Target's first appearance in the ignominious challenge. Best Buy has "years of experience" being nominated as "worst company," according to Consumerist. 


As of Wednesday morning Best Buy was way out in front with 87% of the vote compared to 13% for Target.  But nearly 150 people have commented online with complaints and more than a sprinkling of praise for each.

Depending on which retailer "wins" round one, there are 15 other match-ups, including Wells Fargo v. Citigroup, Spirit v. Delta (Twin Citians may want a rematch next year after Spirit starts service in May), Sears/Kmart vs. Wal-Mart, DirecTV v. Dish and Comcast v. Time



You can vote here. Whom did you vote for or do you think nominating Best Buy and Target as worst companies is undeserved?