Take the time to introduce fishing and hunting to people who have yet to experience the great outdoors.  I try to take out numerous potential new bowfishermen/women each year to see what the sport of bowfishing is all about.  As of yet I have not once had a person who did not thoroughly enjoy the opportunity and some have gone on to bowfish frequently on their own.  Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association member Tim Lais of Alexandria, MN takes out on the average 40 new people each year with ages ranging from 12 to 75 years old.  Tim has the same experiences as do I, people totally understand why we love being on the water!  


We hear quite often the need to get the youth involved in fishing and hunting, please make no mistake this is a must for the future existence of the outdoor sports, but perhaps we miss the idea of getting adults out who have not picked up a bow, rod, or a gun.  I believe this is an untapped resource of folks who, on some level, would like to get involved but they just don't know how to at this stage of their lives.  At the very minimum you will expose them to why you have such a passion for your sport.  It is a chance to show them that fishing and hunting is not always about the harvest; just being on the lake, in the field or in the woods can sometimes be the prize!


Every year we continue to hear license sales are on the decline.  With the demographics of our state changing it is even more important to reach out and teach as many people as possible.  Whether it is a neighbor, your legislator (perhaps the most import), or a friend's child the work you put into your sport today could last a lifetime for someone else!   

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