Add timelapse video to the things you can do with your smartphone.

Instagram launched Hyperlapse for iOS on Tuesday, opening up the potential for a whole new genre of #sunset shots on social media.

The trick to the app is technology that stabilizes the video. Keeping the camera still is one of the biggest challenges in timelapse video. Wired wrote, "What was once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig is now possible on your iPhone, for free."

Tap to record, tap to stop recording. Choose playback speed (1x to 12x), then share on Instagram or Facebook. "We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible," Instagram said in a blog post announcing the app.

Mashable has a list of 20 creative Hyperlapse videos if you need some ideas. Or maybe take inspiration from Bridget Jewell's local Hyperlapse stroll across the Stone Arch Bridge.

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