If we agree that the NBA is "Where Amazing Happens" according to the advertising campaign, college basketball can be "Where Holy (Bleep) Happens."

College football should take note. This weekend has been a reminder that the one-and-done format of the NCAA basketball tournament is the best sporting event on the planet. It was also a reminder that there is a better chance that Megan Fox will be my second wife compared to trying to correctly pick winners.

"Rock Chalk Jayhawk?" More like "Rock Chalk All-Talk." The Big East has been has been The Big Least. Butler did it with ... defense. 

Has one of only a few semi-predictable outcomes been Ski-U-Mah turning into Ski-U-Blah? Las Vegas had the Gophers as a one-point favorite, so NO!

Gophers head coach Tubby Smith is an iconic figure. He is a future Hall of Famer. Is it time to expect more?

He clearly expects more when he said Friday afternoon, "There's some things we have to continue to do recruiting-wise, facility-wise, all kinds of things we can get better at."

Can this season be considered a success?

Even with a third-straight win over Wisconsin (it's the longest winning streak vs. the Badgers since the early 90's) and a second consecutive NCAA tournament berth (done for the first time since the early 90's), I say NO ... ever so slightly.

Turmoil included -- Smith is not entirely without blame -- having the nine leading scorers back from last year's NCAA tournament team, more should have been expected. The bad losses to Indiana, Portland, Northwestern, and Michigan twice cancel out the significant wins over Butler, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Purdue.

Royce White had baggage when Smith recruited him. He absolutely had to go after him, but could not have been shocked when everything unfolded. 

Al Nolen missing class is mostly on him, but where were Smith and his staff to ensure that he didn't?

Back to a wonderful Sunday of watching hoops. Among the many storylines: Will we be able to ac'Cuse the Orange of being overrated? How about whether "X" will mark the spot again for the Musketeers or will Pittsburgh be Milwaukee's Best? 

Looking at the local TV ratings, it is too bad we are not more of a college basketball area. It would be great to engage individuals more in thorough discussion on the soon-to-be ESPN AM-1500 Twin Cities.

Maybe after this weekend, there will be some converts. 

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