Happy news:

Twitters are less impressed with more Cars, but they’re probably not the target market - i.e., boys who have Lightning McQueen bedsheets. Not to say the second one was bad; it was just . . . I don’t know. The first was a rather sweet love letter to small-town America, and you wish they’d left it there.

Oh, by the way: if this doesn’t say Easter, nothing does:

Elsewhere in entertainment:

Related: here’s the trailer for “Fargo,” the TV series. Can’t hurt. I mean, if it’s bad, it’s not as if it makes the original movie evaporate. Still wish it was set in, you know,  Fargo.

URBAN STUDIES This piece on the Nicollet Mall redesign starts thus:

When Minneapolis tried to wipe out its Depression-era skid row in the Gateway District, planners thought of downtown as the Central Business District—a serious place where men did business, women shopped at the elegant Dayton’s and Young-Quinlan Department Store, and virtually no one lived at all.

I’m not sure “Depression-era” is the right way to characterize it; most of the buildings were put up long before the 30s. Which provides us with a good excuse to run some Library of Congress photos of the old Gateway. Such as:

Unrecognizable today. There’s nothing in that picture that’s left except the fountain, and it was moved to the Rose Garden. Another shot, this time of Washington Avenue:

It all looks careworn and dusty, but who wouldn't give anything to spend a day walking around the old Gateway?

Meanwhile, this piece is going around the web today, defending New York and mocking those who have a romantic notion of the place.

Complaining is the only right you have as a New Yorker. To complain is to tell the truth. People who refuse to complain, and insist on having a positive outlook, are monsters. Their optimism is a poison. If given the chance they will sell you out.

New York will kick you in the hole, but it will never stab you in the back. It will, however, stab you multiple times right in your face. 

I’d like to read what he writes when he really starts to hate New York.

That’s it; have to go interview some people about Beagles. See you around.