You just can’t make this stuff up.

Republican State Senator Amy Koch resigns as Majority Leader of the Minnesota Senate and announces she is not seeking reelection next year because of an “inappropriate relationship” with a male staff member. Koch, the proponent of all things Republican – like a constitutional amendment to ensure gays and lesbians can’t marry – turns out to not be the best spokesperson for the sanctity of marriage. Unless, of course, you don’t find it hypocritical that a married woman, with a child, can have an “inappropriate relationship” while denying others the right to marry.
With events like the Koch scandal, it is becoming increasingly clear that net year’s constitutional amendment is not about preserving marriage. If it were about preserving heterosexual marriage, let’s take a vote on outlawing behavior like “inappropriate relationships.” If it is about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, let’s have a constitutional amendment outlawing divorce.
Let’s be clear, the constitutional amendment next year is about denying rights to a group of people based on sexual orientation while allowing heterosexual hypocrites to enjoy all of the privileges that come with marriage including, apparently, the occasional “inappropriate relationship” on the side. Aren’t you tired of the hypocrisy, Minnesota?
I am.

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