So much for that road to redemption for Ike Davis.

The Edina-born son of former Twins reliever Ron Davis was angry Tuesday after a report about the Mets looking to trade him cited "fairly or unfairly [that] he is out too late after games, and that could influence other young players."The report, from ESPN New York, said that the Mets are trying to decide whether he or Lucas Duda is the team's first baseman of the future.

"I don't really have an answer to that because it's never been an issue," said Davis, who called himself "falsely accused." "I've never done anything wrong. I show up to the field ready to play every day. I really don't even know where it's coming from, and it's not really true."

He also took issue with the idea that he is up too late. “I don’t know what late is,” he said. “When you leave the ballpark at 12, you go back to your place, it’s 12:30. If you watch a movie, it’s 2:30. Is that late? It’s up to everyone to decide what late is. If I had a job where I had to wake up at 6 in the morning, it would be late, but it’s not (in baseball).”

The biggest question might be the concern whether he is coachable. It's one that Mets manager Terry Collins tried to knock down Tuesday. "There's not a coach in that office, there's not the manager, the front office that has ever brought up a problem with Ike Davis."

One thing is clear: That change is coming to the Mets roster, as team officials have talked about trading R.A. Dickey, the team's winningest pitcher this season, as well as hitting star David Wright  and up to 20 others. "“There is not a guy in that clubhouse who can’t get traded,” Collins said. “Not a guy.”

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