Cheek floss. Is this really what an "American Idol" winner includes among his Club Wedd Registry at Target?

On Page 6 six of the nine-page 2008 wedding registry for Katy O'Connell and Kristopher N. Allen is a request "fulfilled" for a thong. Not just any cheek floss but "Gom Thong 3PK Angel Pink Mesh, Gilligan & O, Angel Pink Small" item number 022-03-3701.

The registry indicates that the couple wanted one but lucked out and received two! aired a bite on this, so I took a peek at the registry for myself today. I will be dropping by a Target to get a look at said package of thongs as well.

As you may know, Allen is, according to a posting on worship leader at New Life Church in Maumelle, Ark. Wikipedia describes him as "a Christian."

Thongs. Christianity. Arkansas. One of these things is not like the other.

This feels like a practical joke or something created by a website hacker. Awaiting a return phone call from a Target PR person on the legitimacy of the thongs requested on Club Wedd by innocent-looking Kris Allen.

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