Authorities have identified the SUV driver who sped through a red light on a Minneapolis street near Interstate 35W and was killed after striking another vehicle.

Joshua L. Patterson, 27, of Mound, was not wearing his seat belt, a decision that appears to have contributed to his failure to survive Thursday afternoon's crash, police said.

Patterson was killed in the collision near the E. 35th Street entrance to Interstate 35W in south Minneapolis. Patterson suffered severe head injuries from the crash, the Hennepin County medical examiner's office said Saturday.

Court records in Minnesota show that Patterson has been cited at least twice previously for seat belt violations: once in Wright County in 2013 and in 2010 in Minnetonka.

According to police:

Patterson was traveling north on 2nd Avenue S. when he raced through the stoplight. He hit a vehicle traveling west on E. 35th Street, sending it into the sound-barrier wall.

Patterson's SUV flipped on its side, pitching him partway out of his seat. He was dead at the scene.

"Likely had he been secured [in his seat belt], he probably would have lived," police spokesman John Elder said.

The other driver was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening. Authorities said he was wearing his seat belt.