Star Tribune file photo -- not from Alexandria event.

Star Tribune file photo -- not from Alexandria event.

What if they had an ice fishing tournament, but no fish showed up?

Colleague Bill W. passes along this report from on a tournament in Alexandria:

About 2,200 anglers came to Lake Agnes in Alexandria Saturday for what was being called "Minnesota's second largest ice fishing tournament." But no one caught a fish.

"The first ten minutes, when there was no fish caught, and then to go and hour, and then two hours into it, and at that point, I'm going, 'I hope there's no fish caught,'" fisherman Bill Franzen said.

At the end of the three-hour contest, no fish were caught. No trophy bass, no walleye, no crappie.

"We have a very unique thing and I think we should go down in the record books," Franzen said.

"It's all part of the contest. It's win or lose. Some people win, some people lose; well, everybody's a loser," fisherman Ron Fischer said.

We've participated in ice fishing exactly once. It was about a month ago. No fish were caught. So the story holds up.

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