I keep hearing that the ice fishing has slowed down, but several anglers are still getting into the fish.  We went out to a lake to test the crappie bite and found them cruising the deep water.  
First drill many holes just off the shallows over the deepest water on the lake.  Then check each out for any signs of fish.  If you see any, in our case they were suspended 10-15 feet off the bottom in 40 ft of water, you drop a small jig with waxie, a Swedish Pimple with a minnow head, or a minnow rig to them.  If they don't just take it, we use our Vexilars to hold the bait in their face.  We will slowly pull it away from them, the further they follow it up the stronger the hit.  
We found that the fish were agressive when they went by and we'ld land 1-2 each time they went by.  Within 5 hours we had seen lots of nice crappies. 
Good luck and watch the ice, it's still very slushy on lots of lakes, but most are safe.  No ice is ever safe, you need to know your lake and all the springs and locations with current.  I won't drive on it first, and I won't be the last one either.  Pay attention to where the safe roads are on the ice.  
Anyone looking to get into a BASS Club and have a chance to qualify for the TOC, Tournament of Champions, this is the time of year to be getting signed up for a club.  
I recommend fishing in a fishing league, if you have one nearby, if you want an excuse to get out fishing, to learn more about fishing or just to meet other anglers and network.  It's a blast.  
Good fishing,
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