Being healthy in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

It's possible, right?

I mean, I've lived here for almost thirty years {whoa, that was hard to admit in writing!} and despite the fact I have been chubby, obese or morbidly obese for twenty-six of those years doesn't mean being healthy in the Twin Cities isn't possible, right?

I'm an expert?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jen, a priorfatgirl. I'm mostly known for sharing my journey of losing 100 pounds while fighting life events like new jobs, grad school, dating & getting engaged, planning a wedding, the death of my mom and most recently, a tornado. 

This was me, at my heaviest:

 The baby is adorable but not mine, I live with my fiance & furry child.


And this is me now:


Since 2007, I've publicly shared my struggles, frustrations, emotions and experiences through my blog. Don't let my current size fool you - I struggle just as hard now to maintain my weight loss as I did to fight through weight loss. I've become a self-proclaimed expert at how to be healthy here in the Twin Cities.

Sharing Proof

The devil behind being healthy has thrown every possible external reason for me to walk away from my healthiness journey and instead, swallow my problems while eating glorious foods. But I'm a fighter. And this is real life. Real life healthy living in the Twin Cities. It is possible to be healthy in the Twin Cities and I'm proof. I'm proof that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy program or resort to becoming a hermit to avoid the temptations life has waiting for us.

Join me here at Star Tribune every Sunday as I share my adventures of being healthy in the Twin Cities.

At any point you have an idea, please send it my way by leaving a comment here or emailing me at



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