For your wing-shooting-challenged duck hunting partner who insists on banging away at downwind teal…A Shotgun With Built-In Lead.  (see photo)  Hard to find but well worth the search.


For your fellow waterfowler who wears a necklace of five duck calls and can flare ducks with each of them…The Sound of Silence Necklace.  You can make this gift yourself.  Cut a two-foot long piece of decoy string; save five corks from wine bottles; whittle them down to fit the loud end of the duck calls; then string them on the cord.


For the claimer among your bird hunting buddies…The Claimer T-shirt.  Features 100% cotton Mossy Oak camouflage background and large, bold, Dayglo letters proclaiming My Bird!.  Comes in XXL only to fit your buddy's ego.  Imported from China.


For your pheasant hunting partner who empties his Remington at every flushing rooster but never pulls a feather... Frozen Capons.  To replace the pheasants that capon flying.


For your hunting pal who bought a new Benelli 12 gauge because "it really reaches out."…A Box of Omaha Steaks.  Not exactly game, but it beats going hungry.



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