By Rohan Preston

It’s the kind of buzz that performers don’t like: a cell phone or some other electronic gadget going off in the middle of a crucial scene. Well, that is what happened as Hugh Jackman was performing on Broadway. And the star did not ignore it. While Jackman and Daniel Craig were performing in "A Steady Rain," an audience member’s cell phone went off. Craig stopped.  "You wanna get that?" he said. "You wanna get it, grab it. I don’t care?" Then he waited, and waited. The totally embarrassed and probably petrified cell phone offender did not answer the phone. The incident, posted by, has become something of a sensation. It will generate the kind of buzz that producers do like for the Keith Huff play, which is going like gangbusters. It set a Broadway box office record for a nonmusical play, taking in under $1.17 million for the week ending September 20.
We wonder if other actors will take their cue from Jackman, and embarrass those whose cell phones and other electronic gadgets buzz, beep, ring, ping and groan to cause so much disruption.


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