Tucked into the side of Target Center, Hubert’s bar downtown gets to know the drinking proclivities of a variety of sports and music fans.

Bar manager Zach Burns places his booze orders according to the game and show schedules at Target Center and Field.

This week’s All-Star Game required guesswork and logistics. He had to figure out not only what and how much to order, but where to store the extra beer for the bigger crowds in days leading up to the event.

Based on what he usually sells before Minnesota Twins games, Burns ordered up a lot of light domestic beer, especially Budweiser, which is sold inside Target Field.

Out-of-town fans often want to sample local craft brews as well.

“For baseball, it’s beers, beers, beers,” Burns said. “There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a warm day, right?”

When the game is over, the customers want the harder liquor. “You get full on beer, you’ve got to get some shots in you,” Burns explained.

Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t as fond of beer; they like martinis and specialty drinks. “I couldn’t tell you why,” he said.

Nor could he explain the most popular drink for female Minnesota Lynx crowds: Stella Artois, a Belgian beer. “Lynx games we go through so much Stella, it’s crazy,” Burns said.

Concertgoers come with preferences, too.

Country crowds, such as those that packed the ballpark for Kenny Chesney last summer, favor whiskey and rum, Burns said. Rap music fans drink cognac — usually Hennessy and Courvoisier, he said.

The crowd favorite for the Aug. 2 Paul McCartney concert at Target Field is “difficult to judge,” Burns said. “He’s such a big deal and everybody knows him. There’s no niche.”

Burns said he will order up a variety of potent potables for the event, including nicer wines for fans at the older end of Sir Paul’s fan base.

“They know what they want, and they have the money to get it,” he said.

Apparently, age has some privileges.