Less then two weeks before Republicans in Minnesota's Second Congressional District will meet to endorse a candidate for Congress, John Howe's campaign is calling on Jason Lewis to release any archives he has of his old radio shows and podcasts - over twenty years of material.

In an interview today, Howe's campaign manager Sheldon Anderson said "one can assume that Democrats will be asking Lewis to produce the same material if he is the final Republican candidate for Congress."

Anderson added, "Republicans deserve to know the totality of Lewis' past comments before the endorsing convention."

Howe's campaign released a web video last week targeting Lewis' past comments on slavery and the Civil War. 

Anderson said if Lewis is the final Republicans candidate against Democrat Angie Craig and Lewis does not release the information, Republicans can "kiss the Second Congressional District goodbye in November."

Lewis' campaign manager, Jack Dwyer released a statement calling the request "old news" and described it as "another move of desperation in the run up to the CD2 convention."

Dwyer added that "Jason Lewis is the only candidate who can and will win the endorsement and the primary and that's what it's going to take to defeat Angie Craig in the fall."

Aside from Howe and Lewis, engineer David Gerson and businesswoman Darlene Miller are all running as Republicans congressional candidates.

The Second Congressional District Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 7, at Apple Valley High School.  

Picture source: John Howe for Congress, Jason Lewis for Congress