Miranda Cosgrove at the State Theatre

Star Tribune photo by David Brewster


It’s my second chance to write about Greyson Chance and Miranda Cosgrove’s concert Tuesday at the State Theatre. Here are some additional thoughts beyond what was discussed in my review:
*       Some of the songs played during intermission, before and after the concert should have been more carefully screened. How bout the clean versions of radio hits (B.o.B.’s “Airplanes,” etc.) for these young ears?
*        Miranda Cosgrove, 17, looked older in person than she does on “iCarly.”
 *        Her thin voice sounded overly processed in concert.
 *       Miranda’s best received number was a medley of covers – Taio Cruz's“Dynamite,” LaRoux’s“Bulletproof” and Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” What does that say about her own material?
 *        During one of her exits for a costume change, Miranda had a dude come out, equipped with a laptop computer and video camera rigged to a contraption strapped to his body. He played music, flashed messages on a backdrop and showed live video shots of the audience. That was different and cool. The kids in the crowd loved it.
 *        Three of the members of Miranda’s band play with the Click Five, a pretty good pop band that opened for Hilary Duff (remember her?) at Target Center.
*        Despite all his comparisons to the Biebs, Greyson Chance’s hairdo looked more like Paul McCartney 1964 than Justin Bieber 2010.
*        An earnest singer and a charming talker, Greyson spent much of his set at an electric piano, with his back to half the audience. That’s the way a grand piano is usually situated on a concert stage, but with a portable electric, it makes more sense for the performer to face the audience.
*      The thoughtful charmer gave a shout-out to a girl he'd met at his Mall of America signing in the afternoon. She'd told him that it was her birthday. He remembered and recognized her special day in front of hundreds of other impressionable and impressed young girls.
*         The concert filled the main floor of the State but the balcony was mostly empty.
Set lists
Greyson Chance: Fire/ Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z/Alicia Keys)/ Broken Hearts/ Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)/ Unfriend/Waiting Outside the Lines
Miranda Cosgrove: Leave it All to Me (iCarly theme)/ About You Now/ Disgusting/ I’m Just a Girl (No Doubt)/ Stay My Baby/ There Will Be Tears/ Hang Em High (band instrumental)/ Brand New You/ medley Dynamite (Taio Cruz) > Bulletproof (LaRoux) > I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)/ Shakespeare/ Kissing You/ BAM/ DJ break/ Soyanara/ Dancing Crazy


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