Storm Recap. It's rough when you're right on the rain-snow line. That was certainly the case with this last storm; a 1-9" range in snowfall amounts just across the metro area. 1" in Jordan, 9" at Andover. If I went on the air and predicted 1-9" I'd be locked up for being barking mad! But that's precisely what happened. Alexandria picked up a cool foot, with some 15-20" amounts in the Duluth area. Had the storm not hooked 100 miles farther north, pulling milder air 4,000 to 6,000 feet above the Twin Cities last night, we'd be digging out from 6-12" in the downtowns. As it was everything shifted about 50-75 miles farther north. Much of the metro did see a plowable snow - a lot of people relieved they didn't have to shovel out from under a foot of cold, slushy glop. The ice didn't help matters either, a few hours of glaze ice during the wee hours of the morning snapping some trees, especially north/west metro. Word to the wise: if you like snow get out there this weekend, possibly the best weekend of winter for snowmobiling and cross country skiing. Considering we may reach 50 in the metro by next Tuesday you should take advantage of this (rare) late winter snow.

* photo above courtesy of Tricia Frostad in Chanhassen, where ice accumulated to a depth of about 1/10th of an inch, enough to bring down 3-5" diameter trees.


Snowfall Totals. Here's a good update from the local NWS office, showing the amazing range in snowfall amounts across the metro area. An inch or two southern suburbs, 2-4" in the downtowns, as much as 8-9" for the northern suburbs from Elk River to Ham Lake, Andover and Osceola.


More Amounts. Here are more details on how much snow fell across the state.


Wild And Windy Wednesday Along The North Shore. Check out some of these wind speeds in the Duluth area. Gale force winds.

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Plowable Snow (4-7" north metro, 2-3" downtowns, 1-2" southern 'burbs)

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Storm winds down, cleanup continues