Tiffany Sudduth, a bank employee by day, is showing and shaking her rolls of fat before the world at all hours while wearing nothing more than a two-piece bathing suit, a rainbow wig and a never-ending smile.

And she and thousands of other people are seeming to love every giggly-jiggly minute of it.

The 24-year-old from Plymouth is documenting her enthusiastic march downward from 256 pounds in several videos on YouTube. That fearless display of what her blubber actually looks like when in rapid motion recently caught the attention of the popular Deadspin sports blog.

That one curious link -- is flinging flab actually a sport? -- propelled YouTube views of her pale poundage from a few hundred to nearly 20,000 within a week's time. While that view count can't be considered viral, it's still nothing to sneeze at.

Even though "I wasn't expecting it to be on a sports website," Sudduth said that going bikini with her weight-loss mission is "making it a lot more fun and keeping me motivated."

As for imagery, just wait until the part where she shows how the flab under her forearm can move several times with a single shake. That's just one of many demonstrations of the effects that centrifugal force has on her steadily shrinking presence.

"Obviously, the jiggling is still fantastic," she says, with visual confirmation. "Which is excellent, because that's why we're here! For jiggles!"

Sudduth explained that she embraced her extroverted diet plan because "I really wanted to go out and really document my weight loss and have a good time with it."

Sudduth called the thigh-thinning theatrics on display at her YouTube page, Fatty Fatty No Friends (, just an improvisational and natural extension of her personality.

"I've just always been just a couple of flavors short of a full crayon box," she said.

As for the numbers, the 5-foot-8 Sudduth weighed 256 pounds in early July, with a goal to lose 100 "when I get there."

She said she's on the "hobo diet," no pills or plans, just less food and more exercise.

"And it works!" she said. "I'll keep my money and spend it on shoes."

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