The House DFL Caucus says it had a record fundraising year in 2011 for a non-election year, raising $860,691 in a report it will file with the state Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board later today.

The caucus in a press release says it raised almost $200,000 more than it raised in the 2005 off year before Democrats regained the majority in the House. The caucus says it also grew its low-dollar donors with a total of 5,008 individuals giving to the caucus fund last year.

"We know the stakes are high for our state, so we will continue to build a strong grassroots effort between now and November," said Deputy Minority Leader Debra Hilstrom.

The party is trying to regain a majority in the House this November after Republicans gained control in the 2010 election. Year-end fundraising reports are due today, but they will not be posted on the state board's website until tomorrow morning.


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