HONOLULU — Honolulu police officers shot and killed a man across from the Hawaii Capitol after he hit an officer with a machete, police said.

State deputy sheriffs responded to call reporting an armed man threatening another person outside the state Department of Health building Sunday morning.

Sheriffs had ordered the man to give up his machete and garden shears and tried to use pepper spray on him, said Jonathon Grems, the acting Honolulu police chief. Chief Susan Ballard is on the mainland for a conference.

Honolulu police responded, and the man had dropped the weapons. Police ordered him to move away from the weapons, and officers moved in to apprehend him, Grems said. As police approached, the man picked up the machete and swung at an officer, striking him on the torso.

An officer fired a stun gun and another officer fired three to four gunshots, hitting the man, Grems said.

The officer hit by the weapon was wearing a vest, likely protecting him from the blow. He was injured when he hit his head on a wall as he tried to move out of the way.

Police have not identified the man who later died at a hospital.

The officer who shot the man was placed administrative leave, which is standard policy following a police shooting.

The incident happened as Children and Youth Day activities at the state Capitol were setting up. Grems said the public was not in danger as the shooting occurred in an isolated area.

Honolulu police officers have been involved in six deadly shootings this year. All of them have occurred since June.