Among the year’s more unlikely Blu-ray releases is the creepy 1972 thriller “You’ll Like My Mother” (Shout! Factory, out Tuesday for $30). But it's a cracker of a film that has held up surprisngly well over the decades.

Patty Duke stars as a pregnant widow who journeys to northern Minnesota after her husband's death in Vietnam to try and connect with the mother-in-law she’s never met. A hostile welcome quickly turns to despair after a snowstorm traps her and her late husband’s odd relatives in their musty manor — brilliantly played by the Glensheen estate in Duluth (five years before the infamous murders there). Unseemly secrets hide around every creaky corner.

Duke, who died in March at 69 (the Blu-ray was announced months before her death), plays her hapless role with just the right amount of despair and resolve. Richard Thomas, filming at about the time he would originate his popular John Boy character on TV's "The Waltons," plays against that type as a sinister lurker. And Rosemary Murphy outchills a Minnesota snowstorm as the frosty matriach of the old, dark house.

But Sian Barbara Allen steals the show as the "feeble minded" Kathleen, who knows more than anyone expects. Allen's performance received a Golden Globe nomination for best newcomer.

Allen and Thomas reminisce about their roles and the making of the movie in an hourlong feature on the Blu-ray. A photo gallery and trailer round out the extras.