Two of the ten highway projects announced Thursday are in the Twin Cities -- including work on Hwy . 610 between Hwy. 81 and Interstate 94 at a cost of more than $100 million --  with the rest spread across Minnesota.

The projects are:

— Adding a second lane in each direction on Highway 169 for a stretch just north of Grand Rapids.

— Three new passing lanes on a 38-mile portion of Highway 2 between Deer River and Cass Lake.

— New lanes on Interstate 94 between Rogers and St. Michael, northwest of the Twin Cities.

— The addition of passing lanes on Highway 34 from Detroit Lakes to Nevis.

— Transforming Highway 14 into a four-lane highway for a stretch east of Owatonna headed toward Rochester; from Mankato to Nicollet; and in a bypass around Nicollet. These three projects together bring the major southern Minnesota artery several steps closer to a goal of four lanes all the way from New Ulm to Rochester.

— The addition of passing lanes on Highway 23 from Interstate 90 north to Willmar.

— A new freeway connection along Highway 610 north of Minneapolis between Interstate 94 and Hennepin County Road 81.

— A new temporary shoulder lane from Rice Street to Lexington Avenue on Interstate 694 north of St. Paul.