High Road

When it comes to dealing with people every day, do you take the high road or the low road? Gail Rosenblum offers timely advice for life's many conundrums.

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April 9, 2016
Hmm, that would've been delicious.

Pie and mommy shaming: What to do when someone flakes on a promise

Other parent's broken promise made school Pi Day less sweet.
April 2, 2016
The cashier wants to talk and you just want to get home. What do you do?

What to do when cashier is chatty and you're fried

You could avoid that line. But here's what you should do.
March 25, 2016

High Road: How to comfort grieving widower

The sad truth about grief is that everyone stops asking about the loss after about a year or two and things can get quite lonely.
March 17, 2016

High Road: Upright toilet seat is causing marital upset

The problem: How can I get my husband to put the toilet seat down? I’ve stuck Post-it notes on the inside of the seat with…
March 12, 2016

The High Road: The telephone solicitor

The problem: How nice do I have to be to telephone solicitors? Low road: You mean, is there a more hospitable response than the…
March 3, 2016

Taking the high road: Don't ignore the office gabber

The problem: I’m often cornered by a colleague who needs to talk. And talk. I’m a midlevel executive with a pretty busy day, but this…