Yesterday’s facts

Duluth: He was born there and stayed through kindergarten. Saw a pivotal Buddy Holly show there. Refers to the city in “Desolation Row” and other songs.

Hibbing: Stayed through high school. Got hooked on music there. Seemed to consider it his true hometown in his autobiography “Chronicles, Vol. 1.”

Today’s sites

Duluth: Birth hospital and house, armory where he saw Holly, small exhibit at Fitger’s Brewery, all newly designated as part of Bob Dylan Way.

Hibbing: Family home, businesses and synagogue, high school auditorium where he first performed, small exhibit at Zimmy’s restaurant.

Museum worthy?

Duluth: Already a tourist destination, so a museum there would naturally see more traffic.

Hibbing: Hurting for tourism dollars, so a museum could do more economic good there.

Chris Riemenschneider